Mid-year Reviews


Long-time no speak!

It’s hard to believe that the first day of summer has been and gone already.  I’ve read some reports of a scorching summer but, frankly, I’ll believe that when it happens.

Half way through the year and I can hear the corporate groans because it’s appraisal time. I often hear mini-groans when it comes to 1:1s. If you have a moment, here’s a quick webinar that will give you a few ideas. If not, some Top Tips below.

What will you be doing to recharge this summer? I shall be watching cricket and cycling amongst other things and I will definitely be switching off from the outside world for a few weeks. I do this regularly, with clients in meetings – we set our phones aside, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a hassle free day of clear-thinking.

Do keep in touch; I’d love to hear how your year is going.


5 appraisal top tips

  1. Make a review date and stick with it. What message are you sending when you cancel/postpone.
  2. Nothing will ever beat on-going quality conversations with your team.
  3. A sound relationship can survive candid feedback.
  4. Learn how to have honest conversations.
  5. Be consistent. Be fair.

Plan some time away from work!

A few websites to help you book that all important annual leave.

Travel Zoo

- check out top 20 deals and local deals


- a daily deals aggregator that gives you a good glance at top holiday offers


- last minute holidays offering an experience

Secret Escapes

- some great deals on upper end holiday packages

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