Coaching with Daphne has helped me understand and be clear about what I want to achieve, not only with how I manage my job but also my lifestyle, as one impacts the other.

Head of Contract Management, Airport sector.


The ‘6-minute write’ has paid off no end!  I’ve been able to use my planning time effectively, even when under intense pressure.  It’s meant I’ve identified the absolute must-do’s and been more ruthless about deprioritising other areas.

Rose Webb, Director of Communications & Marketing. mytimeactive


I just wanted to say thank you for coaching me!  I have learnt lots from our sessions and you have certainly helped me to bounce back in confidence and believing that I am good at my job!  Our closing session together, and with my Director, has given me a reassuring end before I go on maternity leave which will no doubt stand me a better personal position when returning to work.

Senior Manager, World Leader in Beauty Sector 


CTI provided IKEA Wembley with 4 great sessions on Time Management. The participants found the tools that Daphne Clifton, the trainer introduced to be very useful. The sessions were very interactive and the engagement of both the trainer and the participants was to a very high standard. IKEA Wembley would recommend this training to anyone that requires support in managing their time more appropriately.

Isuru Kalamulla Waduge, Human Resources, IKEA WEmbley


Working with Daphne has made all the difference to my business. She provides positivity, focus, business insight and motivation to keep me moving forwards. Every time we speak, I come away full of positive energy and new ideas. And as someone new to self-employment, her experience and encouragement have given me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction. Working with Daphne, I am becoming a confident and able business-woman, able to negotiate with clients and build a sustainable business.

Elaine Vickers, Science Communicated


Thank you for an absolutely wonderful session. I feel like my brain has been to a health spa and come out revived and energised. It’s been absolutely brilliant working with you Daphne and I hope it won’t be too long before we do so again.

Current client


I am feeling better than I have in weeks about work today. I think (unsurprisingly!) the coaching is helping a lot. Thank you!

Current client


I’m really enjoying the show. Your guest is astonishing.

Caller, Premier Tonight Radio


Just wanted to get in touch to say thanks for the time we met a few years back. I have completed a training contract and have moved to another firm. I am currently working in the aviation finance sector. Thanks for all your help once again pre starting everything – much appreciated.

Rickin Patel, Associate, Stephenson Harwood


Daphne is great – builds a real sense of confidence and is clear about how and why we need to use coaching.

Seminar feedback


I want to thank you so much for your help with the wording for my e-mailing last week; we have been inundated with phone calls and bookings for our on-line servicing programme. The ‘snowed under’ campaign has certainly been a success! The start of this success came from our coaching hour on the phone. It focussed my mind away from the nitty gritty dross that makes some money but hides the big picture, where I can make the business more profitable. The coaching hour has ensured my company moves forward more quickly and easily than it would have done without that hour to clear my head. Thank you so much.

Managing Director, Smile iT


1:1 coaching: I have found your insights and challenges really helpful and I honestly don’t know where I would be without you (probably very stressed and a lot less happy.)

Jane Ahern. Brand Manger, Pizza Express


Daphne’s skill as a coach is her ability to capture the essence of your disparate thoughts very quickly and sum them up in a way that gives renewed clarity. Her questioning is enquiring, yet precise. She is open, friendly and creates a really holistic space for you to tap into what could be in the way of moving you forward. I found my 1:1 coaching session with her very rewarding.

Morton Patterson, Consultant, South East Enterprise

Just wanted to say thank you for a great end of programme session yesterday. I found the SDI really useful and I loved the Laserquest!

Portfolio Manager, Primesight


1:1 coaching series: Thank you very much for today – you give me so much energy, motivation and hope, it’s unbelievable!

Zaneta Pawlik, Operations Admin Manager


Daphne is able to engage with students from all walks of life, many of whom are vulnerable, have health issues or very low esteem allowing them to learn in a positive relaxed learning environment.

Centre Manager, Cotmandene Community Resource Centre, London Borough of Bromley


Daphne creates, a natural, easy, light, flexible coaching style, establishing trust and intimacy rapidly.

Philip Brew, ICF Master Coach


A high whoosh speaker. Seminars and workshops are lively, interactive and practical in their approach.

Mark Greene, LICC


Working with Daphne has helped us to focus on the important things in our business; given us the skills to identify and shelve the grand but unworkable and unprofitable ideas that drain our resources. Coaching over the years has been one of the key factors that has transformed Covenant Solutions

Covenant Solutions


The ‘snowed under’ campaign has certainly been a success! The start of this success came from our coaching hour on the phone.

MD, Smile iT


Thank you so much for your wise and inspiring input to our weekend. Feedback singled out your sessions as a weekend highlight and I’m very grateful.

Ascension Church weekend


My client wanted to drop my daily rate by 25%. Thanks to your help with negotiation my rate will remain the same!

Current client

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