Performance coaching is about inspiring you to reach your full potential.  It brings clarity and focus to organisations, teams and individuals and providing the tools to achieve business results.

Coaching isn’t mentoring!

A coach will not necessarily work in the same field of business as you. As a business executive you mentor your employees and team members by opening doors and helping them to navigate your business and industry.

A great coach will focus on setting and achieving goals within specific time-scales, as well as stretching you to reach out of your comfort zone.

I don’t need a counsellor!

Coaching is not remedial and does not resolve serious personal issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, childhood trauma, addiction or other psychological problems. A good coach will spot areas that need attention and refer a client to the appropriate counsellor. Coaching is most definitely not counselling!

I don’t have the time!

What have you been meaning to do for ages but never quite got around to? There are plenty of thing you could do – but will you? By spending an hour on the phone with a professional executive coach you will kick-start the process of achieving goals that have, thus far, proven elusive. Buy some time now!

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