Clifton inspires people to reach their full potential and provides the tools to achieve immediate business benefits.

Our aim is to bring clarity and focus to organisations, teams and individuals, enabling clients to achieve their business objectives.

Why all the pictures of bridges on the website?

When Daphne Clifton was a little girl, travelling through Bristol, her family used to cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

There was a small toll in those days and with great glee, she would hang out of the car window and ask the man in the toll booth if they could travel across for nothing, as their name was Clifton.

He obliged, of course!

Bridges take us to far off places using a more direct route that saves us time. Just look at any map and see how far you’d have to walk if there were no bridge!

Clifton sees coaching as a bridge.  By being a bridge, Clifton can support you to move on and to go far.

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