Making choices this spring

Our choices

…and the world is still turning regardless of who you voted for.  It’s made me think how lucky we are to have choice although some may argue little choice!  I wonder what other choices you’re going to make for the rest of the year?

Over 80% of my clients bring difficult situations to our coaching sessions and the outcome invariably saves them time, money, stress or all three!  Coaching brings clarity, confidence and better informed choices.

Which situation have you been avoiding and how much is it costing you?

I have a simple structure to make difficult conversations easier.  If you’re interested, email me for ‘Theme and Cue’.  I would be happy to share this with you!

Thinking of the world still turning, hope you’ve booked your summer holiday to recharge your batteries?   If not, I’ve put together a few links below to inspire you!

For those with no choice

If you’d like to help those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal, here are links to a few registered charities:

Holiday links and travel apps

You may be familiar with some of these sites, but if not, a few holiday resources:

Secret Escapes
Deals on luxury and boutique hotels

Local hosts rent their properties in over 190 countries

Spotted by Locals
Inside tips from locals on over 60 cities
Plan and research places to visit

Canopy & Stars
Quirky glamping

XE  Instant, live currency conversions

M25 Cams
Save time being stranded on the M25!

Pin Pin ATM Finder
Find an ATM with this app.

Wi-Fi Finder
Find the nearest wi-fi hotspots.


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