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Season’s Greetings!

I hope this finds you well and it’s been a great year.  It’s good to reflect on your year before the new one arrives.  So if you’d like to do my ever-popular ‘closing out’ exercise, I’ve included it in this post below. Wishing you a restful holiday and smooth transition into 2017!  Very best wishes, [...]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hello I wouldn’t be ‘keeping in touch’ properly if you didn’t receive a Valentine’s message from me. Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year I asked the question how much you love your clients and offered some ideas. ….Love you; love you not……. how much do you love yourself? I’ve just read this great book, which [...]

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Bring out the gloves!

I think those bonus ‘summer’ days are gone for good now. Autumn is a good time to knuckle down and set your goals and targets for the rest of the year. If one of those goals is doing something for the greater good, Global Giving outlines UK charities and projects that need support. Either way, [...]

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