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Time Management

Not enough hours in the day? Start by making a list of your tasks for the day. Alongside those, write the value to the business, how long each task will take and where each task fits in to your relationship network. Play around with it, take a step in the right direction and work, long [...]

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Index of Leadership Trust 2010

Forget salami slices – a structured balanced approach to tackling the recession stands CEO’s in good stead. How on earth do you measure trust and its impact on a business in this demanding environment? The ILM now has two years of significant, robust research across 5,000 employees from military/defence to catering/hospitality sectors. Ability, understanding, fairness, [...]

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Take off your blinkers!

Tempting as it is to stop all spending at the moment, those who invest in their personal and business development by hiring a Business Coach reap rewards in a variety of ways both personal and financial. Laura Mtungwazi from LKM Photography was one such person. Her testimonial, below, speaks for itself. “My business coaching [...]

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Making a Speech

Good preparation will help you to overcome nerves. I recommend minimal or no alcohol intake before making a speech; don’t be tempted to calm your nerves with some Dutch courage! Most people, no matter how familiar with public speaking, experience some kind of nerves or adrenalin rush. Be prepared for several trips to the smallest [...]

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BBC World Service interview on faith at work

For me, when I started my own business, I decided that although finances would be tough, tithing was important. That is a decision I have stuck with and if anything my ‘joyful giving’ above that needs measuring more carefully. For me, whether as a coach or manager, the people around me are created by God [...]

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